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A Cut Above. . . Err Below

It was just another noisy evening. The school had just left, so there were children wearing school uniforms (checkered red color) all over the place. It must seem like an army of ants from above. Some walking home, some boarding the school bus, some had their parents waiting for them. I was standing outside my school near my auto-rickshaw (I used to travel to school in an assigned auto-rickshaw of Manish Uncle), waiting for other schoolmates who used to travel with me from the same medium.

Just then, suddenly I felt a hard slap on my back. When I turned around, I saw a classmate of mine(lets call him Abhi, not his real name) was running away. My temper shot up high and ran after him. In the process I tripped over something and fell on the ground. Abhi had got away, laying there I was cribbing about the fact that I couldn’t catch him, when suddenly someone came and picked me up. As soon as I was picked up, I looked down at my ankle to find a cut in my flesh. My right boot was filled with my blood(it was raining season and I was wearing those shoes without less, also I wasn’t wearing any socks). Looking at that I started crying(what do you expect? I was a kid). I had not exactly tripped, there was a partially cracked sewage lid made of tin. It was rusted. So when I stepped on it, it broke open and I tripped. As I was running, due to the forward push my right ankle was partially slit by the rusted tin.

Sewage Lid

This is the kind of sewage lid I am talking about. Only the one I tripped on was thinner, cracked and rusted

Then Manish uncle rushed in tied his handkerchief around my shin to reduce the blood flow. He took me inside the school expecting for help, but to his disappointment the school staff declined to help, saying the accident occurred outside school premises. Then Manish uncle rushed to the nearby hospital. All this while he was carrying me around and I was crying at a noticeable volume. Then a guy living in my building(Peeush) was sent to inform my mother of the event.

After a while mom came to hospital. She was in tears as well looking at me and my injury. It took a good seven stitches to zip the cut in my right ankle, which showed a slight glimpse of my bone from within. But, apocalypse occurred before the stitching process. A eleven year boy was injected with an anesthetic needle, just beside the split in his ankle. I screamed to the top of my voice while mom and a nurse held me in place. The stitching was done in front of my eyes, while I was sitting upright. Although, I was given anesthesia, I could still feel the needle poking into my skin, the thread running through the hole poked by the needle, only I did not feel pain this time. It may sound stupid, but I actually enjoyed this. Later, my leg was bandaged and I went home.

The school did not feel my presence for a good two moths after this event. I heard from someone that Abhi had got a good pasting from our teacher during my absence. On my return, I saw the tin sewage lid replaced by a three inch thick cement lid.

After those two months, I remember myself bragging to friends about the seven stitches, showing the mark on my ankle.

The Stitch Mark

The Stitch mark is shown with a red circle around it.

Its during the stitching process that a thought was running through my mind. I said to myself, “Some day you will laugh about it”. And quit frankly, I do. Even while writing this experience I was laughing about all that happened that day.

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A Building of Memories

I left the building long ago, I moved to another place not very far. This year saw the building being taken down. When I found out about it, I went to take a look. Now only half of it stands. Its name was GEMINI.

As I looked at the debris, all my childhood memories flashed before my eyes.

The place where My building stood, a tin wall covers it

The place where My building stood, a tin wall covers the place


My Building, Only Half of which still stands

My Building, Only Half of which still stands

This is where I grew up. My little sister opened her eyes here. This is where I made my first best friend, that is after I fought with him. Its been like that with me from the beginning. I have a few friends whom I can call my best friends(FOUR to be specific) and I started with a fight with all of them.

This is where I learnt to ride a bicycle and also fell from one and bruised my leg. I remember to have plucked a ripe guava(peru as we call it) and shared it with a friend of mine. Here is where with two of my friends, I actually bought down a coconut from the tree(of course, the tree was not much in height) and all three of us broke open and enjoyed that coconut. Remember all the games we used to play and sometimes just roam around in search (of nothing) like we were some explorers. How my friend use to call out my name in a funny rhythmic way if I had not yet come to play. Behind the last wing of our building there was no obstruction for a long distance, so a cool breeze always blew through that part of the building.It felt like heaven. May be the adults did not like the above mentioned fact that they built a society office to obstruct the cool breeze. But thankfully that did not happen till I left.

There’s a garden behind my building, which is older than myself. Obviously, it has a lot of trees. And there is a circular structure made of stone in the middle, raised from the ground and its height increases gradually. There is a slide, two swings and a see-saw. Also there was this one strange thing, a sort of a house kind of structure which stood there for as long as I have known. The garden had a huge silver gate for an entrance. But, since it shared two walls with my building as its boundaries, we kids seldom used the gate. We used to climb over the common walls. While playing in the garden, we kids had a knack for doing some stupid stuff(we were kids!). On the swings, we used to swing hard and once caught enough speed, we used to jump of the swing. Then we used to ride the swing while standing on it. Then there was something known as double seat-two kids on the same swing at the same time, one kid is seated and the other standing behind. Then instead of sliding down the slide we used to walk down it, we used to climb up from the sliding end. On the see-saw, three kids held it down from one end while the fourth used to climb the other end. Once my sister was on the swing with a double seat and she fell off. She was not bleeding but was partially unconscious and I was in tears. I rushed her home. That was first time in life I experienced what it feels when your loved ones are hurt. There was this one time, when me and my sister went to the garden. It was afternoon there was no one in the garden except two horses grazing and there were small green balls of horse shit here and there. We tried to go near them out of curiosity. But we ran and climbed one of walls when they started walking towards us. We jumped a common wall and went back to our building. Guess the horses did not wish to hurt us, just drive us off. A lot has changed now, a big stage like structure stands in place of the weird house I mentioned, the circle is gone, so is the silver gate and the entrance wall. But I see, no one has still disturbed the common walls. The place seemed so huge when I was a kid.

One of the common walls

One of the common walls which we kids used to jump over . . .


The Garden which has changed a lot

The weird house, The circular structure, The swing, The slide. All is gone!!

The building had four wings. So the bachcha party was huge. Festivals were a free pass for us kids to enjoy and create chaos. I can still remember Holi, Diwali, Navratri, even Kaujaagiri. All the bachcha party used to have a great time.

The Building stood tall for more then 21 years and now its gone! But the memories still stand tall in my mind, they form A BUILDING OF MEMORIES.

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I Write Like . . .

I write like
Edgar Allan Poe

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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Once Upon A “TIME”

No, don’t go by the title, this is not a fairy tale.

I am here to ask you have you ever walked( straight or sideways), climbed someplace ?
Wonder why am asking you this ?
Instead here’s something to think about. When you walked straight you covered some LENGTH, when you walked sideways you covered some BREADTH, when you climbed you covered some HEIGHT. Whats common between the boring statements above. LENGTH, BREADTH and HEIGHT, they are all dimensions, but then so is TIME. You have traveled all 3 dimensions(i.e. 3D), but can you travel in the 4th(i.e.TIME).
Ask yourself can you or you already are?
In fact you don’t travel in 3D as much as you travel in the 4th dimension. When you say “Time passes by”, does it really pass. No. You are moving into time in a forward only direction at a constant speed.
Now the question arises, can you alter your direction and speed in the 4th dimension?
This is termed as “TIME TRAVEL”. Just think what would it be like to time travel.
You could go back in the past and rectify your mistakes. Change a little something that could ease your history class. Go back and take a few pics of the dinosaurs for that science project of yours. Go to the future to meet your future self.

Now for some complications.
What if something happens to you in the past and you die, you’ll be dead before you are born, don’t mean to scare you, but its true {8^O .
Now come back to reality, a certain study says that in our universe one cannot go back to the past. I can elaborate on this study, but we’ll have to get into Astronomical Physics.
As of now, Time travel is a part of science fiction, But one of my favourite concepts.

Now lets look at the comic side of it.
If I go 1 day into future and buy something and bring it back to my time then I can say “I bought it Tomorrow”. Does this statement make sense to you? To me it does and if you understand the TIME concept, it will make sense to you too. Till then enjoy the INDUCED CONFUSION.

Are you among those people who did not understand what I explained above. Try the video below for better understanding

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3 (Wheeled) Idiots.

Living in and near Mumbai your sure to see these idiots – The Rickshaw-walas.
To start with, Rickshaw-walas are the most dangerous thing 4 traffic, after reckless drivers.
Standard vehicles are either 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers and so is the driver’s mindset. But, Rickshaws being 3 wheeler vehicles, the driver’s mindset too is the same. They’re either too smart or too stupid and in both ways dangerous.

I’ll tell you an instance from my own experience. I was on my scooter, going to the railway station. There was a traffic jam, the reason for which, was a Rickshaw-wala, who found it convenient to count his money after alighting his passengers in between traffic. Then it was found that all this traffic blocking was purposely done to keep his number in the line.

And this is just the start of the list of traffic disturbing habits of Rickshaw-walas.
Where I come from, finding a Rickshaw, with its turn lights working and being used is a very rare sight, I mean 18 years and I haven’t seen one. Instead, they wave out their hands, which is irritating if your on a 2 wheeler, in traffic going just behind them.
Then there is the “My Rickshaw can fit in anywhere” attitude. When in a traffic jam, they drive into any space they get and eventually get stuck, further increasing the jam.
Also, 2 Rickshaw-walas can get leisure time to stop their Rickshaws in ongoing traffic to chat with each other, without the care that they’re blocking traffic.
Where I come from, Rickshaw-walas don’t even go by the meter, they have fixed price over a distance.
Then, if you happen to board a rickshaw, the songs that they play, most of them are irritating.
And then, it’s the way they park. You should see. It’s like they own the road.

CONCLUSION: The Rickshaw-walas are altogether a different species. They are the 3 WHEELED IDIOTS

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My Take on Plagiarism

A subject that is worse than piracy ! Because piracy can be termed ILLEGAL, but that’s not always the case with Plagiarism. And you cannot say, that Plagiarism came into existence recently, it has taken a toll now.
But, it prevailed in India long back and Bollywood, being India’s biggest source of entertainment, was affected by it adversely.
REASON? For most of the viewers back then, bollywood was the only source of entertainment. But the creators of this source, thought out of the box or should I say out of the country.
There have been many instances in the past that these, so called “creators” might have presented something that was picked from somewhere or somebody. And even if they did not specifically term it as their own work, it was obvious to the people back then.
The creators plagiarized fearlessly because, either the people didn’t know or the people didn’t care. And even now, such creators still have their Fearless Existence , may be because, now the people knowing, don’t care 😦

    • Mehbooba Mehbooba [Film:Sholay (1975)] Inspired from Demis Roussoss’s Say You Love Me.
    • Gumnaam hai koi [Film:Gumnaam] From Henry Mancini‘s theme for the movie Charade!
    • Chanda chandni [Film: Mujrim(1958)] From Jim Lowe‘s 1957 hit Green Door
    • Aksar is duniya mein [Film:Dhadkan] Copied from Lebanese singer Najwa Karam‘s song ‘Ashtany’, from her album ‘Rooh roohi’.
    • Dil ne yeh kaha hai dil se – title song [Film: Dhadkan] Copied from Abdul Majeed Abdullah’s song ‘Ahibak Leh’.
    • Ek Haseena Thi [Film: Karz (1980)] Blatant lift from George Benson‘s ‘We as love’ (1977).
    • Jhumma Chumma [Film: Hum] Mory Kante‘s Yeke Yeke and Tama Tama
Examples Courtesy:
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About Me

Hey, This heres VAIBHAV GHEVDE. Here to share, different aspects of my life with you.

Living in India ->Maharashtra ->Mumbai(Outskirts) ->Nalasopara.

My friends say, I @ct $t¥li$h, I say, I never @ct.

There are no limits to the subjects you can share with me. But, among all the various things in life, COMPUTERS, GADGETS n MUSIC are my favorite subjects.

Professionally, a software and web developer.

But, I like to keep trying new things. Also a beginner in mobile development.

I hate formalities, but guess this world that we live in, just won’t let you do without it.
Sometimes I feel like I am an atheist, but whenever I see an idol or picture of God my head just bows down and proves me wrong.

FINALLY, If you want to gift me something, a Guitar would give me all the happiness in the world 😉

PS :- With this blog u have a privilege to request a subject that u want me to write on. Waiting for your requests . . .

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Yeah! Hello to the Blogging world . . .

Hey,  Hi there !
This is my FIRST post.

On a lil’ persuasion from a friend, I realized that there’s lot, that I could share with the World.
So, this post is just to let u know that I am here.

Here, to create a Revolution. V-Revolution.

But, This is just the beginning, There is a lotta cool stuff comin UR way.

I am gonna make u keep comin back here. Enjoy!!

PS:- If Every Now and then u see a change in the site design, don’t worry much cause “Change is the only Constant thing in Life”

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