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Random Convo 2

Hi, I was thinking of a phrase. Actually, two different phrases with the same meaning. Actually, they’re the same phrase used differently in Hindi and Marathi.
It goes like this:

“Ek teer se do nishane/shikaar”

I don’t exactly remember if its “nishane” or “shikaar”.

“Eka dagdaat don pakshi”.

See, in case of the Hindi phrase, it talks about Archery or Hunting. OK both these activities are considered as a sport. But did u read the Marathi version of the phrase.I’ve never heard of a sport where u hunt birds with “STONES”,I don’t know if you have. Yeah, kids sometimes do it using catapults, but they are KIDS.
I don’t know what we Marathi people have against birds, I mean “pakshyaani tumcha kay ghoda maarlay”. OK, if by birds you mean pigeons then I’ll support this sport.
Why? you ask.
And all you “Maine Pyar Kiya”/Salman Khan fans, don’t give me the reason of it being a romantic bird. That bird wouldn’t have been romantic had it pooped on Salman before delivering the message. But wait even in the movie the bird has been shown as romantic but actually it is not. I bet, they censored the part where the wicked bird kept crashing into the window shades of salman’s house breaking the shade. Also, they did not show you, how mad salman got when that pigeon pooped on his car and ruined the paint. In fact, the news that salman was drunk and had run over some people sleeping on the footpath with his car was a cover up. Because he’d look stupid if they said Salman was perfectly sober and tried to run over a pigeon on the footpath and accidentally ran over the people sleeping there. And I think same thing happened with salman’s driver recently. See, how many lives this bird has ruined.
OK, now as far as other birds are concerned, I have no problem with them. In fact, I feed crows, sparrows and other birds, but not pigeons.

OK I am done talking now its your turn. Remember, Your in the “Random Convo” section. Tell of your thoughts about this stupid conversation via replies. 😉

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3 (Wheeled) Idiots.

Living in and near Mumbai your sure to see these idiots – The Rickshaw-walas.
To start with, Rickshaw-walas are the most dangerous thing 4 traffic, after reckless drivers.
Standard vehicles are either 2 wheelers or 4 wheelers and so is the driver’s mindset. But, Rickshaws being 3 wheeler vehicles, the driver’s mindset too is the same. They’re either too smart or too stupid and in both ways dangerous.

I’ll tell you an instance from my own experience. I was on my scooter, going to the railway station. There was a traffic jam, the reason for which, was a Rickshaw-wala, who found it convenient to count his money after alighting his passengers in between traffic. Then it was found that all this traffic blocking was purposely done to keep his number in the line.

And this is just the start of the list of traffic disturbing habits of Rickshaw-walas.
Where I come from, finding a Rickshaw, with its turn lights working and being used is a very rare sight, I mean 18 years and I haven’t seen one. Instead, they wave out their hands, which is irritating if your on a 2 wheeler, in traffic going just behind them.
Then there is the “My Rickshaw can fit in anywhere” attitude. When in a traffic jam, they drive into any space they get and eventually get stuck, further increasing the jam.
Also, 2 Rickshaw-walas can get leisure time to stop their Rickshaws in ongoing traffic to chat with each other, without the care that they’re blocking traffic.
Where I come from, Rickshaw-walas don’t even go by the meter, they have fixed price over a distance.
Then, if you happen to board a rickshaw, the songs that they play, most of them are irritating.
And then, it’s the way they park. You should see. It’s like they own the road.

CONCLUSION: The Rickshaw-walas are altogether a different species. They are the 3 WHEELED IDIOTS

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