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Perception of Inception

Lets see where this train takes me, I mean the train of thought.

I watched a movie INCEPTION, and I watched it twice within a week. I liked the concept. Planting an idea into the subconcious of an individual. But, that requires a team. An architect to build the dream world. An impersonator. A manager, a guy who can manage the mission and research the background of the target. A chemical expert for sedating the team etc etc.

The main requirement is that experimential machine. Then every team member has to have his/her own TOTEM, an object whose behavior helps you identify if your in a dream or reality.


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Also, the members require a KICK to snap out of the dream, a sense of falling, which has to be planned and timed.

Ofcourse, then the dream is not just a dream, there are multiple levels of dreams. Then there’s a state of LIMBO, when a person dies in the dream. Getting in and out of limbos.

Cobb went through all that trouble, just to implant an idea in Fischer’s mind. If you ask me, instead of going through all that trouble, I would have rather borrowed the standard issue NEURALIZER from AGENT K.


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Now, do not ask me, where did agent K come from. If you can go four levels deep into someone’s dream, then you sure can reach the MIB(Men In Black) headquarters.

Flash it on Fischer, implant the idea. Period.
No multiple dream levels, no limbo.

To end this convo I have a message for Mr.Cobb
“Dokyaat Jau Nako Re . . .”

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Be Positive?

AIDS!! A name feared socially, scientifically and in every other all(e)y.
You know the saying “Always Be Positive”. This is the one thing that no one would want to be positive with.



AIDS is a problem. Normally, people are screwed if they have a problem. But, in this case, people have a problem because they were screwed.

I heard about AIDS at a very early stage in my life(do not get any wrong ideas, read further). When I was kid, there were a lot of commercials floating around, creating awareness about it. The one that I remember shows
Shabana Azmi hugging a little girl on a hospital bed. But, the idea wasn’t clear as I was too young to understand it all. The idea was gradually cleared with age which led to different perceptions of it at every stage. They are as follows:

->When I first saw the commercial, I thought, OK, she is a little girl. Her face looks pale, but other than that, she is not crying in pain, doesn’t seem to have a running nose or cough and she is hugged by a movie actress on TV. Cool, this is a win win situation. I’d rather have AIDS than cough and cold.

->After a while, after I got a little more knowledge about what AIDS is? Another thought came to my mind. Was that little girl, a victim of a paedophile with AIDS?
Later, I came to know that the commercial was about the little girl getting it from her mother before she was conceived.

->There was still one more thought, before I was 100% clear about it. In all the AIDS commercials, they always said, “The main cause is DOING IT with multiple people, so be loyal to your partner”. That made me think, if this is the main cause, then how the hell does polygamy still prevail among different cultures around the world? Why did it not cease to exist?
Why did the Kings and Queens not get AIDS.
Such a long train of thoughts lead by a wrong notion, that the HIV virus is created in the human body, when a person DOES IT with multiple people.
Then, I came to know a fact that AIDS is passed from one horny generation to another like a legacy.
Now that you know about AIDS, always BE POSITIVE in life and I mean it in a good way. 😉

PS:- Do not waste your time in thinking, “How the hell did he end up writing about AIDS?”. My blog has a “Random Convo” section. I think about a lot of random shit, at RANDOM.

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