Perception of Inception

Lets see where this train takes me, I mean the train of thought.

I watched a movie INCEPTION, and I watched it twice within a week. I liked the concept. Planting an idea into the subconcious of an individual. But, that requires a team. An architect to build the dream world. An impersonator. A manager, a guy who can manage the mission and research the background of the target. A chemical expert for sedating the team etc etc.

The main requirement is that experimential machine. Then every team member has to have his/her own TOTEM, an object whose behavior helps you identify if your in a dream or reality.


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Also, the members require a KICK to snap out of the dream, a sense of falling, which has to be planned and timed.

Ofcourse, then the dream is not just a dream, there are multiple levels of dreams. Then there’s a state of LIMBO, when a person dies in the dream. Getting in and out of limbos.

Cobb went through all that trouble, just to implant an idea in Fischer’s mind. If you ask me, instead of going through all that trouble, I would have rather borrowed the standard issue NEURALIZER from AGENT K.


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Now, do not ask me, where did agent K come from. If you can go four levels deep into someone’s dream, then you sure can reach the MIB(Men In Black) headquarters.

Flash it on Fischer, implant the idea. Period.
No multiple dream levels, no limbo.

To end this convo I have a message for Mr.Cobb
“Dokyaat Jau Nako Re . . .”

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Once Upon A “TIME”

No, don’t go by the title, this is not a fairy tale.

I am here to ask you have you ever walked( straight or sideways), climbed someplace ?
Wonder why am asking you this ?
Instead here’s something to think about. When you walked straight you covered some LENGTH, when you walked sideways you covered some BREADTH, when you climbed you covered some HEIGHT. Whats common between the boring statements above. LENGTH, BREADTH and HEIGHT, they are all dimensions, but then so is TIME. You have traveled all 3 dimensions(i.e. 3D), but can you travel in the 4th(i.e.TIME).
Ask yourself can you or you already are?
In fact you don’t travel in 3D as much as you travel in the 4th dimension. When you say “Time passes by”, does it really pass. No. You are moving into time in a forward only direction at a constant speed.
Now the question arises, can you alter your direction and speed in the 4th dimension?
This is termed as “TIME TRAVEL”. Just think what would it be like to time travel.
You could go back in the past and rectify your mistakes. Change a little something that could ease your history class. Go back and take a few pics of the dinosaurs for that science project of yours. Go to the future to meet your future self.

Now for some complications.
What if something happens to you in the past and you die, you’ll be dead before you are born, don’t mean to scare you, but its true {8^O .
Now come back to reality, a certain study says that in our universe one cannot go back to the past. I can elaborate on this study, but we’ll have to get into Astronomical Physics.
As of now, Time travel is a part of science fiction, But one of my favourite concepts.

Now lets look at the comic side of it.
If I go 1 day into future and buy something and bring it back to my time then I can say “I bought it Tomorrow”. Does this statement make sense to you? To me it does and if you understand the TIME concept, it will make sense to you too. Till then enjoy the INDUCED CONFUSION.

Are you among those people who did not understand what I explained above. Try the video below for better understanding

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