Perception of Inception

Lets see where this train takes me, I mean the train of thought.

I watched a movie INCEPTION, and I watched it twice within a week. I liked the concept. Planting an idea into the subconcious of an individual. But, that requires a team. An architect to build the dream world. An impersonator. A manager, a guy who can manage the mission and research the background of the target. A chemical expert for sedating the team etc etc.

The main requirement is that experimential machine. Then every team member has to have his/her own TOTEM, an object whose behavior helps you identify if your in a dream or reality.


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Also, the members require a KICK to snap out of the dream, a sense of falling, which has to be planned and timed.

Ofcourse, then the dream is not just a dream, there are multiple levels of dreams. Then there’s a state of LIMBO, when a person dies in the dream. Getting in and out of limbos.

Cobb went through all that trouble, just to implant an idea in Fischer’s mind. If you ask me, instead of going through all that trouble, I would have rather borrowed the standard issue NEURALIZER from AGENT K.


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Now, do not ask me, where did agent K come from. If you can go four levels deep into someone’s dream, then you sure can reach the MIB(Men In Black) headquarters.

Flash it on Fischer, implant the idea. Period.
No multiple dream levels, no limbo.

To end this convo I have a message for Mr.Cobb
“Dokyaat Jau Nako Re . . .”

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