Random Convo 1

I feel like people are giving me weird looks. Like they’re staring at me. I am only able to see pairs of eyes in the crowd. But. . . the only thing weird about me is, that I am standing directly below the fan but still sweating way more than anybody in my sight. May be that’s a reason enough for a stare. I hate the amount of sweat my body lets out. Feels like I am a leaky sweat bag. I’ve wiped so much sweat off my face that my handkerchief is soaked in it to a level that if I give a twist to it, it’ll bleed my sweat. I sweat so much, that sometimes I think I’ll sweat into non-existence. I have even found small drops of sweat on my forehead after hours in an air conditioned environment. Come to think of it, if they could convert my sweat to usable water a lot of water shortage problems could be solved.

PS-This is a humor 😉

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